Why Choose Lash Lifts Over Extensions

Why Choose Lash Lifts Over Extensions

Usually, you can tell when someone is wearing extensions or even false eyelashes, right? They may look long, full and luscious, but they certainly don’t look natural. A lash lift is now the way to go and here’s why.

Time and Money

Extensions typically take up to two hours for your first set, which runs about $300. Then, you have to refill them every two weeks at a cost of $30-$40 each time. A lash lift can be completed in 40 minutes and can last up to eight weeks. And your wallet is happier because the cost is only $60. Over the course of a year, you could save up to $1,000. Wow.


Think about it. Whether you have professional extensions or apply your own false lashes, the process requires glue (and in the case of extensions, really strong glue) being applied to your natural lashes. Glues can have all kinds of toxic chemicals in them. They don’t typically get in your eyes because your eyes are generally closed when the lashes are being applied. But they still can have residual effects including damage to your natural lashes that will make them dry, brittle or potentially sparse. And some people have experienced eye infections and respiratory issues.

With a lash lift, your lashes are basically being lifted, curled and tinted. It usually takes a day for them to fan out, but the results are remarkable.

Looking Natural

Check out the difference in these before and after shots. A lash lift brings out your natural beauty while making you feel confident and healthy. And who doesn’t want that? Call Janet Robbins at Reflections today at 561-221-1462 to set up your lash lift consultation. You can also visit ReflectionsFlorida.comOr visit us on Facebook!



Autumn Rejuvenations

Autumn Rejuvenations

Even though it’s not spring, a lot of new things are happening at Reflections Laser & Wellness Center.

New Location

We are proud and happy to announce our new location at 21090 Saint Andrews Blvd, Suite B5 in Boca Raton, in collaboration with Salon Coppage. We continue to provide services at our Juno Beach location in collaboration with Nautilus Salon. We’ll make you feel special and relaxed at either location.

New Products

Our new CBD Regenerative Eye Cream from GlymedPlus is nothing short of miraculous. This triple-strength silky cream is infused with the purest HEMP CBD, peptides and hyaluronic acid and packs an anti-aging punch to treat all skin types. Great for wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, dryness, firmness, lifting and preventative maintenance. In case you didn’t know, CBD is considered one of the strongest antioxidants, even stronger than Vitamin C and E. You’re going to love this product!

Our new Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel from GlymedPlus breathes new life into skin that’s dull, tired, damaged and oxygen-deprived. This unique peel will regenerate your skin cells leaving your skin looking baby smooth, brighter, firmer, toned and immediately glowing with health! Put this product on your shopping list too!

New Services

Two great ways to remove dead skin from your face are microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning, now being offered at Reflections. Both non-chemical treatments are designed to exfoliate top layers of dry, sun-damaged and dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion sloughs away the skin and works kind of like sandpaper. Dermaplaning is performed with a blade that scrapes away the skin, kind of like being shaved. It also removes small, fine baby hairs. Both with leave your skin looking brighter, smoother and healthier.

Want to make your eyes look brighter and more defined? Lash and brow tinting have also been added to our menu of services. This color enhancement treatment lasts about four weeks.

Don’t wait until spring to rejuvenate your skin. You can have healthier, younger looking skin right now! Call us today at 561-221-1462 to schedule your appointment at either of our fine locations.


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Happy New Skin! Happy New You!

Everyone knows that few people stick with New Year’s resolutions. So don’t make any! According to Forbes Magazine, studies have shown that four out of five people break their resolutions. And a third of resolutions don’t make it past the first month. Why? Because most people tend to set unrealistic goals they want to accomplish in a short period of time, and they become overwhelmed.

So what should you do instead? Make a plan for the entire year that incorporates smaller daily, weekly and monthly activities that will lead to accomplishing your goals. As you know, one of your top priorities is your health, and taking care of your skin, the largest organ in your body, should be near the top of your personal healthcare list. And Reflections Laser & Wellness is here to help.

Healthier Skin for the Long Haul

Your skincare strategies should be unique to you… not what your friends are doing, not what the TV commercials are telling you. At Reflections, we offer a free one-hour Complimentary Signature Consultation. That consultation will give you the specific plan to help you achieve goals for the health and beauty of your skin. During your consultation, we will take you through a step-by-step process:

  • Conduct a thorough intake and review of your health and skin issues
  • Analyze your skin head to toe
  • Create a roadmap with an ongoing plan for treatment

The roadmap will include a daily regimen of self-care plus any regular treatments that will enhance your own efforts. If you are already using a number of products at home, it will be easy to make any needed modifications based on our analysis. Or, if you only use one or two products, we won’t overwhelm you with major additions or changes. We want you to be able to stick with your self-care for the long term.

Your daily self-care will have the greatest impact on the health of your skin; however, the regular Reflections’ treatments we recommend will be especially effective if you have specific skin issues and goals. For example, most women, and even men, are interested in slowing down the aging process. If you have rosacea, acne, dehydration or pigmentation challenges due to sun damage or hormones, we will prescribe a particular plan that fits your needs.

So let’s get started on a plan you can embrace all year and for years to come. To schedule your Complimentary Signature Consultation, call us today at 561-221-1462.

Let’s get started on your Happy New YOU!



Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise

Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise

In South Florida, you have to be careful with your skin year round. Even in the winter months, the tropical sun and humidity can take their toll. This year, forecasters are predicting a mild, rainy winter, influenced by an El Niño weather pattern. So that means it’s more important than ever to protect and treat your skin with kid gloves… and effective products.

Skin Tag RemovalSunshine

Most people love to bask in the sun, especially at the beach. But the risks are high for sunburn, sun poisoning (which can result in scarring), premature aging, wrinkles and the biggie: skin cancer, including melanoma, which can be life threatening. So first let’s talk about how to protect yourself. The best thing to do is stay out of the sun, but that’s probably not a reality here in Paradise.

There are a number of ways to protect yourself when exposed to the sun’s rays. What you wear for example. A hat that shades your face, sunglasses (which also protect your eyes) and protective clothing are all easy solutions. When it comes to skin products, choose sunscreen to apply daily that has an SPF (sun protective factor) of 30, and higher if you’re on the beach, tennis court or golf course. Same goes for lip balm. Here at Reflections, our line of Glymed products includes a number of effective products, including tinted sunscreen, which also covers up skin imperfections. Glymed Ultra Hydration lip balm is an excellent product. Glymed’s Tizzo 3 is a mineral broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 40 and contains titanium and zinc oxide, all great for protection.

If you do get sunburned, treat your skin with Aloe Vera or Glymed Plus Hydrogel, both of which should be kept in the refrigerator so they cool you down too. For more severe damage or areas of concern, seek medical attention.


Humidity creates high risk factors just like the sun, and especially if combined with higher temperatures. It can lead to sweat and oil production, which can clog pores and result in acne breakouts. It also promotes the growth of bacteria and mold, resulting in skin irritation and redness. Combined with high heat, the moisture can cause heat rashes and blistering.

If you experience oiliness as a result of humidity, we recommend the Glymed Plus 2% salicylic astringent, or you can purchase witch hazel over the counter. For heat rash, try Glymed’s GMP Comfort Cream with 2% hydrocortisone. Often, heat rash will disappear in 3-4 days untreated. For blistering, try this home remedy: ½ apple cider vinegar and ½ water chilled applied with cold compresses. If pain, swelling, swollen lymph nodes, fever or chills occur, be sure to talk with your doctor.

So, if you think Paradise is bliss…. well, you’re right as long as you take care of yourself and your skin.

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Lose Inches, Gain Energy with Nutrient Body Sculpt

by Sherra Sewell, Reflections Client

You can lose inches in just one hour! No joke. I lost 5 2/8” during a 60-minute Nutrient Body Sculpt treatment at Reflections Laser & Wellness Center. And I felt refreshed and revitalized. It’s like I had super foods by way of my skin. As a woman in her mid 50s who wants to feel and look healthier – and younger, of course – I was amazed and excited to discover what seems like a magic bullet. But it’s the real deal.

Nutrient Body Sculpt is a revolutionary treatment containing essential ingredients that fortify and hydrate the body. Based on scientific research and clinical trials run by Dr. Kedar Prasad, one of the world’s leading experts in antioxidant science, this is the only sculpting product available today that contains micronutrients and minerals. The body sculpting method uses latex-free bandages that are stretched across targeted area of the body. The bandages are soaked with an exclusive, high-grade solution that maximizes hydration of the skin.

Jo, the tech who gave me the treatment, was very personable and knowledgeable. First she took measurements of my thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, chest, arms and chin. (Yes, even my chin size was reduced.) Then, she skillfully applied the wraps. While wearing the wraps, I stood on a vibrating machine designed to help the nutrients absorb and drain into the body as well as burn a few calories. After she removed the wraps, she took the measurements again. Sure enough, a total of 5 2/8” came off my body in various places.

Of course, Nutrient Body Sculpt will work best long-term if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and have repeat treatments. Other women have reported that they’ve lost all of their cellulite and kept it off. In fact, Emmy award-winning actress Loretta Swit and a number of celebrities endorse this product. Jo also told me she had a client who said it helped her with her Fibromyalgia.

The benefits are truly incredible for the time and effort you invest. This solution is designed to tighten and tone; improve body contour; lift thighs, buttocks and breasts minimizes fine lines; improve mental clarity; relieve stress and relax the body. Don’t we all want these results?

Take my word for it. Book your Nutrient Body Sculpt session today. Call Reflections Laser & Wellness Center at 561-221-1462.

Say Yes to Me Time!

Me time

3 Ways to a Happier You

By Janet Robbins

Why is it that we women must constantly be reminded to take better care of ourselves… to make time for “me time?” Quite frankly, because we don’t.

I see more than 200 adult female clients each year, and every single one of them has similar challenges. They feel overwhelmed. They have ailments and injuries due to pushing themselves too hard. Their children are driving them crazy. Their spouses or partners take them for granted. And the list goes on. Even though they are investing time… and money… to tend to their skin care on some level, they are not investing what it really takes to be lower stress, find balance and be really happy.

For some reason, women seem to be more comfortable as caregivers than as care-receivers. There’s an ongoing debate among researchers and scholars as to whether traits of empathy, sympathy and compassion are gender-driven biologically, learned or even non-existent. But does the reason really matter? It doesn’t if you have a heart attack (the leading cause of death among adult women) or get cancer (the second leading cause) or something else because of self-neglect. What does matter is changing your behavior. Here are three suggestions for doing just that.

  1. Schedule me time. Every week, you schedule picking up your kids from school, cooking dinner, picking up the dry cleaning, going to work and so much more. You do it consistently and with  discipline. Why not schedule time for yourself just like you do everything else? Use a day planner, and schedule a minimum of five hours a week for just you. Spread the time out over your week. Also, you know that nagging to-do list that you try to knock out? Mark those tasks down on your day planner too, and spread them out throughout the week. You don’t have to do everything in one day.

  1. Choose what you love. Do you love tennis? Do you love to walk on the beach? How about reading or taking a bubble bath with candles? Getting a massage? A facial is always a good idea because it makes you feel good and is good for you. Pick at least three things you love to do and schedule them regularly during your me time.
  1. Eliminate the guilt. Communicate with your family and friends about your me time. Let them know your plans in advance so that they know what to expect. Your family wants you to be happy, even if you can’t always tell. And if you’re happier, you will be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend. The happier you are, the better quality time you will have with loved ones. And your joy will rub off on them.



Why Choose Your Esthetician for Acne Treatment?


The single most common condition seen by dermatologists is acne. However, the acne care you receive from an esthetician might be a more effective option. And certainly an esthetician’s approach will compliment that of the physician.

The go-to response for doctors is a prescription. With acne, the dermatologist might prescribe antibiotics, retinoid, Benzoyl Peroxide or Accutane. But often, these medicines are only Band-Aids for bigger underlying problems. My mentor, Christine Heathman, CEO of GlyMed Plus says, “We do not have acne because of a lack of antibiotics in our system.” Don’t get me wrong, some dermatologists do offer non-prescription options, but probably not to the extent you’ll get with your esthetician.

As an acne specialist who was called “pizza face” as a kid, this issue is personal to me. That’s why I’ve trained on acne care so extensively. But estheticians, in general, take a more holistic approach to any skin issues, including acne. We study the ingredients in skin care products that contribute to clogged pores, environmental factors that contribute to irritation and inflammation and lifestyle influences. We monitor treatment modalities that have the best success. At Reflections Laser & Wellness Center, we use the GlyMed Plus DermaSound machine that utilizes ultrasonic vibration and has been clinically proven to reduce the acne bacteria 98 percent. One size does not fit all. Everyone is different, and every treatment program is customized to the individual.

An esthetician considers many aspects of an acne patient’s life. Do you wash your face every morning and night? Are you facing stressful challenges? Are there fluctuations in the weather? Are you pre-menstrual? What about your diet?

A colleague of mine had a patient that came to her with terrible cystic acne on her chin and jawline. Her dermatologist had treated it repeatedly, but it kept coming back. My colleague asked her about dairy consumption, so the patient cut out dairy consumption for two weeks. And guess what, it cleared up. Sadly, the doctor told her that it’s a myth that diet can affect your skin.

So what about treatment from your esthetician? Facial treatments, for one, can clear up pores and remove dead skin. A facial often includes deep cleaning, exfoliation, facial steams, massage and more. In addition, extractions clean out non-inflamed pore blockers for smoother skin and prevention of infected pimples. And self-care advice is always in the plan including your daily skincare regiment, diet, stress reduction and other lifestyle choices.

If you need a dermatologist, especially in extreme cases, a good esthetician will refer you to one. But consider an esthetician before you go down the medical route.


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