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We offer a variety of courses for you to chose from. 

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This class will teach you the cause of acne and rosacea and how to recognize and treat these conditions safely and effectively. Learn how to choose the correct skin care products to treat younger teens and adult acne and learn how to develop a complete treatment series in order to improve acne skin conditions. You will learn how to safely extract blackheads and provide pre-and post care recommendations for your clients. Call for pricing.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

Our chemical peel training class will focus on specific assessment, evaluation, and classification of different skin types using the Fitz Patrick scale. We will explore factors affecting skin health and rejuvenation as well as conducting a comprehensive client history, skin analysis, and developing an individualized plan for the treatment of aging, acne, rosacea, and pigmented lesions. We will familiarize you with the different types of chemical peels available ( lactic, glycolic, salicylic, TCA, Jessner and vitamin A ) What you will learn: Mock client consultation worksheet Peels & uses Contra indications Proper skin typing Correct administration of each acid Pre-and post care. Call for pricing.

Skin Resurfacing & Regenerations

Ethnic Skin and Pigmentation treatments

This class will give you the knowledge to provide lightning and brightening treatments for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage or uneven skin color and dullness. You will learn how to classify skin conditions according to the Fitzpatrick scale, the latest cosmetic ingredients and products to effectively treat pigmentation problems and associated disorders. Call for pricing.

Consultation & Skin Analysis

This class will help you identify Fitzpatrick type, skin types, various skin conditions along with a System of aging analysis. Upon completion you will have a full blueprint of your clients skin. Consultation/skin analysis. Call for pricing.

Florida Glymed Dealer

Glymed Plus Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is essential to the estheticians pursuit of healthy glowing skin. Not only will clients be able to achieve optimal results through advanced treatments, but also through the estheticians ability to correctly choose the best products and regimen for each clients varying skin concerns. During this course you will be educated on various GlyMed products and not only how to implement them in the spa, but also how your clients should be implementing them at home. Purchase Products Here. Call for pricing.

Laser Hair Removal

State approved 30-hour Laser and Light-based Hair Removal Course This 30 hour laser light based laser hair removal training is dedicated to teaching the requirements needed to offer laser hair removal services. This class involves 15 hours of home study and 15 hours in a classroom setting, with a focus on hands on. Each student will receive tips and techniques from a 22 year laser hair removal specialist. All our classes are small so each student will receive adequate time on the laser machine. Call for pricing.


This course will take you through every aspect of the procedure starting with patient consultation and concerns moving through contra indications, and treatable conditions. You will learn depth settings along with proper technique. At completion you will have the tools, knowledge and guidance to perform safe and effective micro needling treatments. Call for pricing.


Sensitive Skin and Compromise Skins

This course has been designed to provide Esta Titian’s with the knowledge of how to modify facial treatments to ensure a safe outcome and alleviate unpleasant side effects often associated with compromised individuals. Many people can benefit from skin care treatment is designed specifically for those with highly compromised skin such as those undergoing cancer treatment, or who have recently undergone treatment, those with health related low immunity problems and also pregnancy. Call for pricing.

Skin Aging

Learn in depth about the process of skin aging including extrinsic and intrinsic aging, free radicals, son damage and skin cancer, cell communication, glycation, And hormones/menopause. You will learn the latest Anti-aging treatments and how to recommend the proper Home care according to individual needs. Call for pricing.

Skin Tag Removal

In this class you will learn how skin tags are formed and how to remove them safely and effectively using the perfect touch machine. This technology utilizes high frequency to vaporize the small skin imperfections Including hemangioma’s keratosis and pigmented lesions and milia. Call for pricing.

UltraSonic Signature Facial

Utrasonic Exfoliation

Next Generation in Microdermabrasion This is a 3 phase treatment plan: Phase 1 will teach you the benefits of ultrasonic exfoliation compared to Microdermabrasion utilizing water and ultrasonic vibrations for safe and effective removal of up to 50% of the stratum corneum. This ultrasonic treatment is an excellent choice when treating acne, mature skin and even overly sensitive skin, including rosacea. Phase 2 you will learn how sonophoresis will dramatically increase the depth rate at which active ingredients are absorbed into layers of the skin. You will learn to select antioxidants and serum to infuse that’s best suited for your clients concerns. Phase 3 Microcurrent therapy. Learn how this phase helps restore the cells electrical current due to cell aging and sun damage to promote healing and cell regeneration. Call for pricing.