What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning, which appears as though we are just, “shaving your face,”  involves gently pulling a sterile blade along your skin. However, Dermaplaning, unlike traditional shaving, uses a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells in addition to removing wispy facial hair, so skin is more even in tone and texture. This treatment is superficial and does not involve any cutting or piercing of the skin. Have you ever wondered how models can be photographed close up without revealing a hint of facial fuzz?  Thanks to dermaplaing this is possible!

This concept may sound very terrifying, but for many, it is the secret to clear, even, smooth and hair-free skin!   This treatment is safe, effective and painless.  It is a great way to remove dirt, dead skin cells and impurities from the outermost layers of your skin while stimulating fresh skin cell development.


Is dermaplaning right for you?

Dermaplaing can be done on any skin type, with the exception of those with acne.  It should also be noted that there is zero truth to the idea that shaving make hair grow back darker and coarser.  You could do this at home, but you would need a photographic-studio level light to pick up the fine hairs, as well as a very steady hand and nerves.  That is why this procedure is best left to the experts.

The best part about dermaplaning are the immediate results! Dermaplaning actually provides many of the same benefits as a light chemical peel without any downtime or post-treatment peeling. Many first-time dermaplaners say their skin has never felt so smooth before!

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