Happy New Skin! Happy New You!

Everyone knows that few people stick with New Year’s resolutions. So don’t make any! According to Forbes Magazine, studies have shown that four out of five people break their resolutions. And a third of resolutions don’t make it past the first month. Why? Because most people tend to set unrealistic goals they want to accomplish in a short period of time, and they become overwhelmed.

So what should you do instead? Make a plan for the entire year that incorporates smaller daily, weekly and monthly activities that will lead to accomplishing your goals. As you know, one of your top priorities is your health, and taking care of your skin, the largest organ in your body, should be near the top of your personal healthcare list. And Reflections Laser & Wellness is here to help.

Healthier Skin for the Long Haul

Your skincare strategies should be unique to you… not what your friends are doing, not what the TV commercials are telling you. At Reflections, we offer a free one-hour Complimentary Signature Consultation. That consultation will give you the specific plan to help you achieve goals for the health and beauty of your skin. During your consultation, we will take you through a step-by-step process:

  • Conduct a thorough intake and review of your health and skin issues
  • Analyze your skin head to toe
  • Create a roadmap with an ongoing plan for treatment

The roadmap will include a daily regimen of self-care plus any regular treatments that will enhance your own efforts. If you are already using a number of products at home, it will be easy to make any needed modifications based on our analysis. Or, if you only use one or two products, we won’t overwhelm you with major additions or changes. We want you to be able to stick with your self-care for the long term.

Your daily self-care will have the greatest impact on the health of your skin; however, the regular Reflections’ treatments we recommend will be especially effective if you have specific skin issues and goals. For example, most women, and even men, are interested in slowing down the aging process. If you have rosacea, acne, dehydration or pigmentation challenges due to sun damage or hormones, we will prescribe a particular plan that fits your needs.

So let’s get started on a plan you can embrace all year and for years to come. To schedule your Complimentary Signature Consultation, call us today at 561-221-1462.

Let’s get started on your Happy New YOU!



Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise

Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise

In South Florida, you have to be careful with your skin year round. Even in the winter months, the tropical sun and humidity can take their toll. This year, forecasters are predicting a mild, rainy winter, influenced by an El Niño weather pattern. So that means it’s more important than ever to protect and treat your skin with kid gloves… and effective products.

Skin Tag RemovalSunshine

Most people love to bask in the sun, especially at the beach. But the risks are high for sunburn, sun poisoning (which can result in scarring), premature aging, wrinkles and the biggie: skin cancer, including melanoma, which can be life threatening. So first let’s talk about how to protect yourself. The best thing to do is stay out of the sun, but that’s probably not a reality here in Paradise.

There are a number of ways to protect yourself when exposed to the sun’s rays. What you wear for example. A hat that shades your face, sunglasses (which also protect your eyes) and protective clothing are all easy solutions. When it comes to skin products, choose sunscreen to apply daily that has an SPF (sun protective factor) of 30, and higher if you’re on the beach, tennis court or golf course. Same goes for lip balm. Here at Reflections, our line of Glymed products includes a number of effective products, including tinted sunscreen, which also covers up skin imperfections. Glymed Ultra Hydration lip balm is an excellent product. Glymed’s Tizzo 3 is a mineral broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 40 and contains titanium and zinc oxide, all great for protection.

If you do get sunburned, treat your skin with Aloe Vera or Glymed Plus Hydrogel, both of which should be kept in the refrigerator so they cool you down too. For more severe damage or areas of concern, seek medical attention.


Humidity creates high risk factors just like the sun, and especially if combined with higher temperatures. It can lead to sweat and oil production, which can clog pores and result in acne breakouts. It also promotes the growth of bacteria and mold, resulting in skin irritation and redness. Combined with high heat, the moisture can cause heat rashes and blistering.

If you experience oiliness as a result of humidity, we recommend the Glymed Plus 2% salicylic astringent, or you can purchase witch hazel over the counter. For heat rash, try Glymed’s GMP Comfort Cream with 2% hydrocortisone. Often, heat rash will disappear in 3-4 days untreated. For blistering, try this home remedy: ½ apple cider vinegar and ½ water chilled applied with cold compresses. If pain, swelling, swollen lymph nodes, fever or chills occur, be sure to talk with your doctor.

So, if you think Paradise is bliss…. well, you’re right as long as you take care of yourself and your skin.