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Why Choose Lash Lifts Over Extensions

Usually, you can tell when someone is wearing extensions or even false eyelashes, right? They may look long, full and luscious, but they certainly don’t look natural. A lash lift is now the way to go and here’s why. Time and Money Extensions typically take up to two hours for your first set, which runs […]


Autumn Rejuvenations

Even though it’s not spring, a lot of new things are happening at Reflections Laser & Wellness Center. New Location We are proud and happy to announce our new location at 21090 Saint Andrews Blvd, Suite B5 in Boca Raton, in collaboration with Salon Coppage. We continue to provide services at our Juno Beach location […]


Happy New Skin! Happy New You!

Everyone knows that few people stick with New Year’s resolutions. So don’t make any! According to Forbes Magazine, studies have shown that four out of five people break their resolutions. And a third of resolutions don’t make it past the first month. Why? Because most people tend to set unrealistic goals they want to accomplish […]

Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise

Skin Can Pay Price in Paradise In South Florida, you have to be careful with your skin year round. Even in the winter months, the tropical sun and humidity can take their toll. This year, forecasters are predicting a mild, rainy winter, influenced by an El Niño weather pattern. So that means it’s more important […]

Say Yes to Me Time!

3 Ways to a Happier You By Janet Robbins Why is it that we women must constantly be reminded to take better care of ourselves… to make time for “me time?” Quite frankly, because we don’t. I see more than 200 adult female clients each year, and every single one of them has similar challenges. […]


Why Choose Your Esthetician for Acne Treatment?

The single most common condition seen by dermatologists is acne. However, the acne care you receive from an esthetician might be a more effective option. And certainly an esthetician’s approach will compliment that of the physician. The go-to response for doctors is a prescription. With acne, the dermatologist might prescribe antibiotics, retinoid, Benzoyl Peroxide or […]

Five Reasons to Choose Nutrient Body Sculpt

If you’re like most people who want to look and feel good, you probably exercise regularly, follow a nutrition plan, take care of your teeth and maintain a skin regimen. But as we age, it becomes even more challenging to achieve the results you want, not to mention what happens during the holiday season. Nutrient […]

Live the Shave-Free Life with Laser Hair Removal

Did you know that both women and men will spend 7716 hours shaving in their lifetime? Over a lifetime the cost of razors are certainly higher than the cost of laser hair removal treatments. And the cost of razors keeps rising. Oh, and don’t forget the cost of shaving cream. And if you didn’t have […]


Unwanted Hair? Try Laser Hair Removal!

Unwanted Hair? Tired of shaving, waxing or tweezing? Maybe you have unwanted hair in a difficult-to-reach or large area. Laser hair removal, one of the most common cosmetic treatments in the U.S., might be an excellent solution for you. The process involves beaming a highly concentrated laser light in a series of pulses at the […]