Skin Tag Removal

Unfortunately, skin tags are common even though they are completely harmless, skin growths that usually occur in unwanted places on both men and women.  Typically middle-aged adults and those who might be suffering from obesity may start to develop a skin tag.

Let’s face it we live in South Florida and sometimes areas that aren’t normally exposed might need to be.  After all, sometimes you just need to wear a tank top when it gets that hot!  For our patients who are self-conscious and would like to have these un-slightly nuisances disappear, we can help.  While some smaller tags may spontaneously rub or fall off, most remain on the body once they are formed. Skin tags often occur during pregnancy. Those that are bothersome may be easily removed during or after pregnancy.

Why would you come to a Medical Aesthetician / Clinical Medical Esthetician verses a Dermatologist?

A traditional dermatologist has the ability to prescribe medications for treating not only acne but many other types of skin conditions.  An esthetician cannot rely on a quick fix of prescription medication so we have no choice but to take an investigative approach for treating acne and other skin conditions.  Being an esthetician with over 20 years of hands-on experience working with patients, we search for healthy natural alternatives for blemishes that our clients have had tremendous success.

Skin Tag Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Skin Tags Be Removed Without Scarring?

Yes. We use a technique where the tags are snipped at the base and cauterized to prevent re-growth. We find that the removal of these unsightly growths is well worth the cost as they only get worse with age. It is easier to treat them when they are tiny.

Where Are Skin Tags Typically Found?

They are as likely to be found on the eyelids and neck, as well as in less visible places, such as in the armpits, groin folds, and under the breasts.

What Are The Common Causes of Skin Tags?

Skin tags are common harmless skin tissue growths that appear on the outer layer of the skin.  They frequently occur with aging.  Skin tags are more common in people that are overweight or have Type 2 Diabetes.  Skin tags appear sometimes be genetic in families.  Researchers suspect that the tendency to develop them may be inherited.  Skin tags commonly develop in skin folds or areas affected by friction or skin on skin rubbing.

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