Why Choose Lash Lifts Over Extensions

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Usually, you can tell when someone is wearing extensions or even false eyelashes, right? They may look long, full and luscious, but they certainly don’t look natural. A lash lift is now the way to go and here’s why.

Time and Money

Extensions typically take up to two hours for your first set, which runs about $300. Then, you have to refill them every two weeks at a cost of $30-$40 each time. A lash lift can be completed in 40 minutes and can last up to eight weeks. And your wallet is happier because the cost is only $60. Over the course of a year, you could save up to $1,000. Wow.


Think about it. Whether you have professional extensions or apply your own false lashes, the process requires glue (and in the case of extensions, really strong glue) being applied to your natural lashes. Glues can have all kinds of toxic chemicals in them. They don’t typically get in your eyes because your eyes are generally closed when the lashes are being applied. But they still can have residual effects including damage to your natural lashes that will make them dry, brittle or potentially sparse. And some people have experienced eye infections and respiratory issues.

With a lash lift, your lashes are basically being lifted, curled and tinted. It usually takes a day for them to fan out, but the results are remarkable.

Looking Natural

Check out the difference in these before and after shots. A lash lift brings out your natural beauty while making you feel confident and healthy. And who doesn’t want that? Call Janet Robbins at Reflections today at 561-221-1462 to set up your lash lift consultation. You can also visit ReflectionsFlorida.comOr visit us on Facebook!